We’ve been building our community for over 20 years. Expanding it further, building on our capabilities and bringing more value to our members continue to be our priorities going forward. To deliver on them, our strategy focuses on three key areas:


Talent & Collaboration

  • Providing forums that inspire members to collaborate to achieve better outcomes
  • Developing opportunities for firms and individuals to expand alliances, relationships and networks regionally and globally
  • Driving regional and global talent learning opportunities to help members win the war on talent

Growth & Capabilities

  • Expanding the community by pursuing firms in open markets
  • Helping firms leverage existing capabilities to other members
  • Encouraging smart choices on long term preservation including development of sustainability practices

Innovation & Technology

  • Helping firms expand their technology standards
  • Bringing insights to our members to help them serve clients and develop talent
  • Actively seeking new ways of doing things and sharing them with members