Member Benefits

Members of LEA Global have access to a broad set of resources to help expand their business connections and expertise. Working collaboratively, LEA Global firms focus on client service, so the partner in the original engagement stays involved, providing consistency and intimate client knowledge. This demonstrates the value we place on thought leadership, in-depth knowledge, expertise and proactive advisory services.

Here are some of the benefits we offer our members.

Collaboration Groups

Build relationships, establish trust and foster collaboration as you work with members throughout the world on a diverse range of topics and best practice, such as Leadership, International Tax, Marketing and IT & Innovation.

Resource Centres

With our National Tax Resource Centre and Global Consulting Marketplace, have access to industry-leading experts and insightful information in specialty service areas that will position your firm to serve your clients better.

LEA Academy

Specialized training to develop skills and foster collaboration.


Our in-person and hybrid events are designed to create thought-provoking conversations and memorable networking opportunities. They provide a perfect opportunity to connect with peers, thought leaders and global partners.

Thought Leadership

We give you access to some of the industry’s most innovative and engaging thought leaders and experts.

LEA Labs

We provide our members with unique opportunities to test new technologies and management ideas to take their firms to the next level.


Global Partners

As a member, you’ll have exclusive access to technology, tools, resources and discounts from carefully selected strategic partners.

Business Intelligence

Through our business intelligence, we give you access to the latest data, trends and insights that matter to your firm.

International Benchmarking

Our international benchmarking is a great opportunity for firms to work with industry experts to benchmark themselves, both regionally and internationally.

Success Stories of Collaboration

Here are just a few examples of how LEA Global has helped companies like yours:


When a middle market firm set out to conduct business internationally, it initially found it difficult to establish connections with local accounting, banking and attorneys. Reaching out to another LEA Global member, it was able to quickly build new relationships and gain local familiarity. This helped the company cut through the red tape involved in setting up business internationally. It also reassured the firm that LEA Global would provide them with the necessary, specialized international knowledge they needed.


A U.S. provider of sophisticated electronics equipment faced a multimillion-dollar assessment for uncollected sales tax in the state of Washington. Its Oregon-based LEA Global firm reached out to a fellow member firm in Washington who used a past case to convince the states auditor to drop the assessment altogether.


When a company with subsidiaries around the world wanted to outsource its tax function, it considered an LEA Global firm and a Big 4 accounting firm. To ensure it could beat competition, the LEA Global firm sought support from fellow members located at the same location as the company's subsidiaries. By including a wider network of firms, it could demonstrate an expansive reach, customized approach and diversified exposure. It turned out to be the right call, as the company decided its complete global outsourcing solutions should be provided by the LEA Global firm.