23 Feb 2024

2024 MENA Regional Conference Hits Attendance Record

On February 18-20, 2024, LEA Global held the 2024 MENA Regional Conference in Casablanca, Morocco. Our Moroccan member firm, AD Associés, hosted the event. The team at AD Associés provided a rich cultural experience of Moroccan food, hospitality, and dance!

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MENA Conference 2024 - Image B.jpg


The experience balanced building relationships and discussing business issues, including how to work together and better support each other. Ali Akesbi of AD Associés and Dr. Mowafak, the MENA Regional Council Chair (Alyafi Group), welcomed the group with a challenge to immerse themselves in the LEA Global vision of collaboration. 

This was the largest MENA Conference since we added the event to our calendar in 2022, thanks to support from existing MENA and European members as well as new MENA member firms. Members who have regularly participated over the past three years welcomed the additional attendance and engagement.

The agenda included topical discussions in broad categories such as people, technology, services, and collaboration. There was strong engagement, often with sessions running long! A watershed moment during the conference was when the Alyafi Group (Lebanon) provided an overview of their Corporate Governance service. Participants were able to connect this back to the LEA Global Consulting Marketplace and better understand why this resource center is a strategic priority for LEA Global. 


LEA Global brings people together to connect with fellow members, grow with help from each other, collaborate to create value, and advance strategic imperatives. The 2024 MENA Regional Conference was a great example of these goals and kicked off the 2024 regional conference series in a positive way. Well done members!

Tony Szczepaniak

LEA Global



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