19 Mar 2024

Aepoch Advisors Expands Cloud Accounting Services to Businesses in Vietnam

Aepoch & Advisors (https://www.aepochadvisors.com/saas-applications/) has been proud of being a cloud accounting firm, as we have been working in collaboration with our business clients on the platform of Jeenie SAAS ERP system (www.jeenie.com.cn) over the past 5 years. Jeenie enabled us to share with clients one set of business and accounting data anytime and anywhere, and empowered us to deliver financial visualization to the China business of our clients, viewed by them as distinct value offered by us.  

Seeing the trend of foreign businesses moving out of China and to ASEAN countries, we would like to follow the footsteps of western businesses, and bring our expertise, obtained from more than 20 years of dedication in this market, to empower our clients to streamline their operations and visualize their financials wherever they go in the Asian market. And therefore, Jeenie released new version in which Vietnamese interface is supported.


We would also like to work with firms in ASEAN countries to enable them to bring SAAS management applications to clients and, offer value added services to clients on cloud platform to achieve better management control and greater business transparency.