17 May 2023

Asia Pacific members collaborate to expand opportunities for North American companies to do business in Asia

When a North American company was looking to expand beyond their Hong Kong office, the local LEA Global firms referred them to our Asia Pacific members for support. The project was led by Dezan Shira & Associates, based in Bangladesh, who joined forces with other Asia Pacific LEA Global member firms. Together, they put together a tailored report detailing the best options to expand the company’s footprint in the region. This combined approach of LEA Global member firms helped put them on the right path by providing practical advice and knowledge, fast turnaround, local presence, and fair fees. Since then, the company has successfully set up its Bangladeshi operations and signed two additional company registrations in South China and Vietnam.  

Alberto Vettoretti, of Dezan Shira & Associates, is grateful for the LEA Global community support as it helped him win a client: “Had we not won the client in Bangladesh through our association with LEA Global, perhaps they would have used a franchised network in other locations, and then we would have lost that lead.” He believes that LEA Global brings unique value through its local expertise and through its commitment to always deliver the best advice to clients. 

Alberto sees continued opportunity to assist the LEA Global community in expanding their business into Asia Pacific. A great example of working together, and the Asia Pacific region looks forward to further assisting the LEA community globally in their expansions.