17 May 2023

Global Consulting Marketplace collaboration opportunities coming soon!

One of the largest and most exciting opportunities coming to LEA Global this year is our Global Consulting Marketplace (GCM). As client demands for advisory and consultative services increase, this searchable marketplace and resource center will allow you to expand your service offerings and meet your clients’ complex needs —without the need to invest in capability areas your firm may not currently offer. 

The purpose of the GCM is to allow member firms to promote and offer their specialized services to other LEA Global firms and their clients. It also offers the opportunity for firms, whose clients have service needs it can’t provide, to bring in an affiliated LEA Global firm to help.  

The GCM will offer resources and tools to educate and train your staff on consulting-related topics. By bringing member firms together to connect and collaborate, you will be able to extend client relationships, position your firm as a one-stop resource, generate additional revenue, develop your people, and serve clients confidently. 

Examples of specialty services you will find include RPA and data analytics, insurance claim services, contract compliance, healthcare consulting, penetration testing, and many more. 

We are now accepting applications to become an approved service provider. For questions about the GCM or to express interest in becoming a provider please contact Debbie Wiebe, Project Manager, at [email protected]