28 Jun 2023

Highlights from the LEA North American Regional Conference, Chicago, Il. June 12 - 15, 2023

This month, over 200 LEA Global colleagues gathered in Chicago for our annual North America Regional Conference. The Windy City certainly lived up to its name, but it didn’t put a damper on our fun!

From our welcoming reception for Global Partners, speakers Corey Seemiller, Joey Havens, Chris Mason, Jonathan Mayes, Will Hill, Bob Lewis, Alice Lerman, and David Toth, to taking a gamble on Casino Night and some impromptu line dancing and packing over 100 care packages for Lemons of Love, we sure know how to show up as a community. A special thank you to all our attendees, speakers, panelists, partners, and team members for making our time together a success! We would like to highlight 3 takeaways from the conference: Confidence, Connection, and Commitment.


The young professionals in our member firms are impressive, and when brought together, they are a powerhouse. Our future is bright. They were placed in small Working Groups and asked to take opposite sides of the polarity members manage – people-first versus client first. These groups consistently concluded that while balance is essential, a people-first focus achieves deeper connections with the young professionals. When sharing their views, they brought confidence and humor (and even some acting!). Expect to hear and see more from this talented group of peers as they seek new ways to create a better tomorrow – for all of us!


Our organization is built on authentic relationships and people actively welcoming and including each other to maximize our collective success. We boldly aspire to be the world’s most collaborative professional service organization. It was so refreshing to hear stories from many of you about the natural developments and genuine connections that are being made across our LEA Global community. One member shared, “I attend many of these conferences throughout the year and everyone here is so friendly!” Thank you for welcoming all with open arms.


Finally, we would like to reflect on (re)setting our expectations and ambitions moving forward. We have heard loud and clear from our various collaboration groups, steering committees, and member firms a sense of urgency to do more. We have momentum, and we are ready to capitalize. However, we need your help. For strategic offerings such as the National Tax Resource Center (NTRC), Global Consulting Marketplace (GCM), Country Desks, Global Talent Exchange, Young Professional initiatives, and Collaboration Groups to be successful, we need each of your active, intentional, and committed engagement. This will pave the road for our community to collectively accelerate your learning, create peer-to-peer networks, and advance your practice and your firm. For our part, LEA Global commits to always improving with laser-focus on resource allocation and support and striving to learn and grow together. Relationships + Participation + Trust = Mutual Benefit. Let’s get ready to roll up our sleeves. More to come on this soon!

LEA Global conferences are the highlights of our community. They serve as focused time to advance what makes our association unique. We look forward to welcoming you all to Dallas, Texas for our next North America Regional Conference, June 9-12, 2024.

Mark your calendar!


Thank you for your partnership in the LEA Global community!

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