03 May 2024

Marcum Technology Releases Commercially Available Version of AskMarcum.ai


Marcum's AI platform, designed to deliver customized, scalable efficiency, is now an enterprise product.

New York, NY – After an intensive 18 months of innovation, investment, and meticulous refinement, Marcum Technology is proud to announce the commercial launch of AskMarcum.ai and its AI Accelerator Kit.

 AskMarcum.ai was initially developed for internal use by Marcum Labs, a technology incubator within Marcum LLP, the 13th largest accounting firm in the US. It proved to be highly successful, leading to increased productivity among Marcum professionals. Other organizations expressed interest in a comparable platform, which led to its commercialization.

 Developed to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, AskMarcum.ai supercharges business workflows. Key features of AskMarcum.ai include: 

  • Customizable Branding: Users can rename the platform to mirror their brand, offering a personalized AI experience.
  • Tailored to Your Data: Designed as a foundation tool, with the principle that you are the architect, AskMarcum.ai is specifically attached to your unique datasets, ensuring only the use of your data and maintaining your organization’s data sovereignty,
  • Your Environment, Your Controls: The platform is hosted in your organization's pre-existing and secured private Azure instance, respecting pre-established data sovereignty and protection practices.
  • AI Transparency & Accountability: Built-in auditing capabilities facilitate responsible AI usage and provide detailed usage insights.
  • Progressive AI Development: Continuous enhancement and guidance ensure that as AI technology progresses, the AskMarcum.ai platform in your organization can evolve and advance alongside it.
  • Flexible Licensing: Enables precise allocation of AI capabilities to optimize the value and maximize the organization’s total return on its technology investments.
  • Dynamic Pricing: Cost-effective blended billing based on an economical monthly fee and transactional usage. 

Focused on business operations, the complete AI Accelerator Kit is more than just the AskMarcum.ai platform; it is a comprehensive solution comprising cutting-edge AI technology, tailored consulting services, AI readiness assessments, and empowering educational services designed to speed up adoption. The AskMarcum.ai platform and kit are designed to integrate a suite of tools and services to boost an organization's productivity and efficiency.

 "AskMarcum.ai began as an internal initiative to advance the Firm's operational efficiency. It quickly proved to be a resounding success, streamlining workflows, deepening our innovative culture, and sparking conversations among clients and peers," said Marcum Technology's CEO, Peter Scavuzzo. "The buzz it created was undeniable; other organizations began to approach us, intrigued by its impact and looking for options to capitalize on the value for their organization. This helped us realize AskMarcum.ai's larger potential as a solution for the broader market."


Peter Scavuzzo, CEO, Marcum Technology

As part of its new AI Accelerator Kit, Marcum Technology is now offering businesses the opportunity to join its Early Adopter Program for AskMarcum.ai. Participants in the program will get incentives and special access to the AI platform and services. To sign up for the program, visit https://link.edgepilot.com/s/ed0ea778/Ygw6jaSy3k64dSQnus0Ffw?u=http://www.askmarcum.ai/

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