12 Mar 2024

Members: Watch for Phishing Emails Impersonating LEA Global

Member firms have received and reported fraudulent emails asking for business travel information.

It has come to our attention that a spate of phishing emails are circulating and impersonating members of the LEA Global team. Our member firms appear to be the targets of these phishing attempts – especially those in the Asia Pacific and European regions.  

One of the latest fraudulent emails is being sent from the email address - [email protected] - asking members for business travel agent information. This is NOT a legitimate LEA Global communication or email address.  

We want to remind everyone that LEA Global would never ask members for help with travel arrangements in such a manner, and we would never ask our members to share financial or sensitive information outside our usual routes. 

Please review the sender’s address before replying to email requests or clicking links. If you have questions about any emails you receive, please contact a member of the LEA Global team to validate the authenticity of the communication.  

Thank you to our vigilant members who caught and reported these dangerous emails. Stay alert! Think before you click!