15 May 2024

Miñana Beltrán Tax & Legal: 20 years in constant evolution.

In 2024 we celebrate an important milestone, two decades of service to our business fabric in the tax and legal field.

It has been an exciting journey that began in a small commercial premises in Aldaia with a very specific objective: to provide tax services where professionalism and proximity were the common thread. 20 years later, we are not the same. We began a life and professional journey that has helped us to improve and adapt to a much more uncertain and changing environment, but our vocation remains intact.

From our modest beginnings to our current network covering Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, Almeria and Porto (Portugal), we have walked a path full of obstacles but also joys. Each stage of this journey has been an opportunity to learn and strengthen our commitment to our business fabric.

Over the years, we have had the privilege of serving a wide range of businesses, from small local businesses to family businesses with a strong international vocation. The constant evolution of our customers and the need to adapt to their increasingly demanding demands have always been the spark that has kept our engine running.

From small local businesses to companies with multinational activity

The internationalization of our clients marked one of the turning points in our journey. As their business projects expanded and their activity internationalized, at Miñana Beltrán Tax & Legal we understood the importance of specialization in the international arena. In-house training in international tax and commercial law and languages, as well as attracting talent, helped us to improve our services and expand our client base, always with a familiar and close outlook.

We currently actively collaborate with business associations and Chambers of Commerce throughout Europe. We also belong to LEA Global International, one of the main international associations of Audit, Tax & Law companies (it is ranked 5th in the world) thanks to which we have woven a circle of relationships that allow us to serve our clients in practically any country in the world.

As a result of our international orientation and especially the need to attend to the international expansion of our own clients to Portugal, in 2022 we opened our own office in Porto.

Our vocation, family businesses

We were born as a family business for family businesses. 20 years later, we are still committed to companies that have a vocation for continuity and know how to transmit their business values to the next generations, with a high degree of dedication and commitment to their employees and their environment. Among our clients are leading companies in their respective sectors, and origins, from Spain, through Portugal, France, UK, Italy, USA, among other countries. In short, business projects where closeness, familiarity and personalized attention define relationships.

Our journey over the past two decades has been a testament to our ability to adapt and grow in an ever-evolving business environment. From our modest beginnings, we have maintained an unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We look forward to continuing to be a reliable partner that our customers rely on to grow. We take care of meeting your needs and consolidating your tax and legal structure.

As the Greek poet Konstantinos Kavafis said, "When you set out on your journey, ask that the road be long, full of adventures and experiences." We don't know if we'll ever reach our destination, but we're going to enjoy it while the trip lasts.


Tomás Miñana