26 Jan 2023

Welcome New LEA Global Board Chair and Fellow Board Members



LEA is excited to announce and introduce our newly elected Board Chair and incoming board members. 

Robert J. Minkler Jr. (CPA/CGMA and Managing Partner at Anders CPA + Advisors) has been elected to the position of Chair on LEA Global’s Board of Directors. We welcome his leadership and commitment to LEA, its member firms, and team members across the world. Robert will help prepare LEA for new opportunities for growth and community support. In all things, Robert is known to bring a logical, technology-driven approach to every challenge. He will help lead the way in prioritizing a commitment to focused client service and in encouraging giving back both individually and collectively to support the LEA community with the rest of the board. 


The New 2023 Board of Directors members include Mark Roderick (Asia Pacific, Executive Chairman at Perks), Hein Vandelanotte (Europe, Partner and Chairman at Vandelanotte),  Jason Yetter (North America, Managing Partner at Richey May), and Jeff Drummonds (North America, LBMC, Returning for Final Term). Welcome to the board! 


LEA is excited about the ideas and expertise each of these members can bring to our network. Their collaboration with our continuing board members [Alberto Vettoretti (Asia Pacific, Dezan Shira), Andrew Rich (Europe, HW Fisher), Roberto Harteneck (Latin America, Harteneck & Asociados), Jeff Weiner (North America, LEA Vice Chair, Marcum), Alan Litwin (North America, KLR), Wayne Pinnell (North America, Haskell White), and Tony Szczepaniak (LEA Global CEO)] will surely lead LEA and all our firms to new horizons. 


Thank you to all our Managing Partner and Members at LEA for your continued commitment and support for LEA Global!