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LEA Global Dec 20, 2022 6:03:22 PM 3 min read

Progress your career and see the world

Hunter Johnson, at LMBC in Nashville, Tennessee in the US and Alex Hardy, at Prosperity in Australia have both taken part in exchanges arranged by their firms. Hunter has recently come back from Australia where he worked at Daniel Allison & Associates. Alex took part in an exchange some years ago with Bol International, based in the Netherlands. Their motivations for joining the program were very similar.

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“It was an opportunity to work with a different team and clients, in a completely new environment. I wanted to expand my perspective” says Hunter.

“I was attracted to the exchange as it combines the opportunity to experience another culture and see how another firm operates. I was keen to learn more and to bring back new knowledge to Prosperity, so the firm could benefit too” adds Alex.

During their exchanges, both were able to work with different types of clients and develop new skills. Alex did audits for clients in the manufacturing and primary production sectors, with all of them being parents or subsidiaries of multinational businesses. This increased his experience working with cross-border teams.

Hunter was also exposed to new types of sectors and while he has only been back for two months, he is already seeing the benefits from the exchange with DAA.

“One of the key things I’ve learnt is being able to jump in and get on with it straight away. The exchange is about opening your mind, ask questions and build relationships no matter which country you’re in.”

Michelle Endres, Chief People Officer at LMBC, says that the exchange is a talent management tool for LBMC.

“We believe it’s key to talent retention and development. But we would not have had the resources to pull it together on our own. LEA Global made it possible by giving us a framework and the connections.”

All three agree that the exchange programs are a great opportunity for firms to share resources and knowledge, which can be especially useful when managing work through its natural peaks and troughs.

For those who are considering doing an exchange, Alex has a few words of advice. “It is not as complicated as you might think. In fact, it’s quite easy to arrange. Sure, there are visas and travel arrangements to look after, but apart from that it’s pretty straightforward.”

The LEA Global Talent Exchange program is coming soon. Please contact Tony Szczepaniak, CEO, LEA Global for more information.


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