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LEA Global Dec 20, 2022 6:15:53 PM 2 min read

The Young Professionals Program offers collaboration and learning across our network



Yeeshu Sehgal works at AKM Global – a leading consulting firm in India. He shared his experience on the Young Professionals Program – one of LEA Global’s three talent programs.

Yeeshu, why did you decide to become part of the Young Professionals Program and its Steering Committee?

One of the key reasons was to expand my network and find more opportunities for AKM Global to collaborate. I believe that we often underestimate the potential of our association and we aren’t proactive enough – especially early on in our careers. It was also an opportunity to learn useful skills to apply to my work. I believe that programs like these help unleash our potential and play a vital role in our professional and personal development.

Tell us more about the program

It is all about collaboration and sharing ideas. We regularly meet on calls to discuss topics relevant to our day-to-day jobs, for example remote and hybrid working and the importance of networking. We also organize panel discussions and seminars.

What experiences and learnings do you value most from being part of the program?

The program has helped me perform better in my current role and given me the right tools to identify and achieve career goals. Running the sessions has taught me the importance of attention to detail and to always check things twice.

My firm has recognized the effort I have put into the program and recently gave me the opportunity to represent AKM Global at the LEA Global World Conference in Sydney, Australia. It was my first trip abroad which made it even more special for me.

Ultimately, I’ve formed strong friendships with people across different jurisdictions whom I know I can always reach out to and ask for advice. This is what the Young Professionals Program is all about.

From your perspective, what is LEA Global’s most important role in this?

To help young professionals like me expand and leverage their network and expertise.


Find out more about LEA Global’s Young Professionals Program and how you can join by contacting Tony Szczepaniak, CEO, LEA Global.


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